I have the Apple Music 'individual' subscription, and now I want to cancel it. But when I go the the settings it does not show the option to cancel subscription.

It only gives an option to resubscribe. How can I cancel my subscription entirely?

  • Are you family sharing? Feb 19 at 9:28
  • Yes i was using family sharing before and the subscription was not mine. But now it says it the individual subscription so i don't think the subscription is getting shared.
    – Vikram
    Feb 19 at 9:41

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It looks like you are sharing the same product with your family and friends.

Is it possible you are not actually being charged for anything and simply getting the shared benefit?

I would expect to see a checkmark icon next to the item I am responsible for.

  • I don't see a checkmark icon so it should be the case where i am not being charged anything
    – Vikram
    Feb 19 at 9:48
  • Right, probably they figured out you shouldn't;t have a cancellation subscription option either in this case. :) Feb 19 at 9:49

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