I have an old LACIE hard drive I'd like to pull some files off. It's a 500G drive formatted with HFS+.
When I plug it into a USB port on my MacBook Pro, running Mac OS 10.15.7, it seems to work fine at first. It takes a little while, but the disk shows up in the Finder and appears to be OK.
But then the Mac crashes - hard. Screen just goes black and I have to hold the power button down for a while to get it to boot again.


  • Where do I look for log files that might give me a hint as to why the Mac is crashing? Tried the Console app but didn't see anything obvious.
  • Any suggestions as to how to proceed? I'd like to recover the files off the device, or failing that I'd like to simply reformat the device so that I can use that 500G of storage.
  • Could you see if you can mount the drive in Recovery or Single User mode? If that works, that would allow you get the files of the drive onto another one and then format it. Feb 17 at 20:58
  • I had that with a Lacie drive. When I got a new Mac running 12.1 the drive would attach but out of 3 volumes on it 2 would not mount. So in this case hardware failure - I suspect yours is similar. RThis means don't try and reuse it. To get data try removing the hard disc and put it in a new enclosure
    – mmmmmm
    Feb 17 at 21:00


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