None of my Mail.app rules seem to be working to forward any emails even though they are working normally for other things: moving into folders, marking as read, etc. I'm using macOS Big Sur Version 11.6.2.

Here's an example of a simple test rule that isn't working:

enter image description here

When I receive a test email with that wording in the subject, nothing seems to happen. The email lands in my inbox but I don't see anything that indicates anything was forwarded, in the sent folder or otherwise. This seems to be the same behavior as found on this unresolved Apple discussions thread.

Here's what I've tried to resolve this so far:

  1. Varied any and all in the if statement.
  2. Used Redirect Message instead of Forward Message.
  3. Added in an Every message condition.
  4. Made sure there there were no Stop evaluating rules actions before this rule (by making it the first rule).

None of the above works. How to get it working?


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