I have a wireless  Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. The keyboard is mostly working correctly, but a number of key chords involving the left command key do not work.

I'm pretty sure this is a hardware problem but want to get advice before I replace the keyboard.

Any ideas? Or is it time to upgrade this keyboard to one of those cool new colorful keyboards with big bold clunky keys?


The keyboard is working just fine, except that the following key combinations are completely ignored:

  • Left-Command + Shift + "}"
  • Left-Command + "}"
  • Left-Command + Return
  • Left-Command + Shift + "+"

Yet these work fine:

  • Left-Command + Shift + "{"
  • Left-Command + "{"
  • Left-Command + "-"
  • Right-Command + Shift + "}"
  • Right-Command + "}"
  • Right-Command + Return
  • Right-Command + Shift + "+"


I tried fast-user switching. It fails on a brand new user as well, ruling out a lot of software configuration issues.

I swapped out the keyboard with a wired Apple keyboard. Everything works fine on that one.

I found some pointers about how to factory-reset a Apple Magic Keyboard, but the UI they describe does not appear in my Bluetooth menu.


Keyboard firmware level 1.6.0.

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)

macOS version 12.1

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Turns out it was indeed a hardware problem. The fix involved digging around in the closet to find a different keyboard.

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