I'd like to bind Cmd+Space to open Launchpad because I can't remove web suggestions from Spotlight.

In Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, I've unchecked the box next to the Spotlight shortcut and changed the Launchpad shortcut to Cmd+Space. It tends to work for a bit, but eventually it just stops working and Cmd+Space does nothing. Is there a way to reliably bind Cmd+Space to open Launchpad instead of Spotlight?

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For me, it works well this way (on current latest macOS Monterey 12.3.1, MBA 10.1 - 2020, with the Spotlight button that replaced the traditional Launcher button on F4):

in Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts:

  1. in left hand side menu: Spotlight, make sure you unchecked the shortcut Cmd + Space

  2. in left hand side menu: Launchpad & Dock, it should be initially set to none, click on it, type Cmd + Space, make sure the checkbox is enabled

You should be done.

Double check you don't have any interfering shortcut in other menus, especially in App Shorctuts

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