Just to be clear, I have masses of free space on iCloud. This is not a storage space issue.

I'm using Photos 7.0.

I have a variety of images in the "Unable to upload to iCloud" folder, and they don't appear on iCloud.

Photos itself seems to be perfectly happy with them. They are mostly .tif files of slide scans, and RAW Pentax .pef files.

Weirdly, I have previously been able to upload these items to iCloud, with an earlier version Photos.

Also weirdly, the "Unable to upload to iCloud Photos" condition for smart albums doesn't show the same items (or indeed any items).

There is no indication why there is a problem with these files. I am pretty sure that it's related to the file type or some metadata though. Is there:

  • some way of finding out what the issue is?
  • something that might remedy the problem?

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Likely a file format or colorSync profile issue. Export, re-import and then try to upload. Also see if this helps. The smart album bit is strange, though.

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I've experienced this with Photos 8 on just a few photos. Duplicating them and deleting the originals resolved the issues.

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