This is a popular issue with new mac updates. I tried every possible tip for correcting it (deleting quicklook files, viewer options, etc.) and FINALLY found the solution on another ask site.

I just made an account so I can't answer other versions of this question (How to fix Finder won't show icon previews, Why can't I see thumbnails in the finder?, Mac OS X icon preview or thumbnail problem, etc.) So this is me asking the question and providing the answer for others.

enter image description here

Image transcript: Basically I opened up Activity Monitor, searched for a process called "com.apple.quicklook.ThumbnailsAgent," forced quit that process, and Relaunched Finder in the Force Quit menu. Worked like a charm.

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I (just) tried a couple of the tips Monty mentioned, none worked for me either.

I then just restarted my laptop, that solved the problem as well.

Monty's solution is more elegant and I recommend getting familiar with Activity Monitor if you aren't already. If you'd rather not, you could try restarting your system.

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