Last night I updated my iPhone 8 to iOS 15.3. This morning I noticed that I had some trouble connecting my Beats Studio Buds to my phone.

Expected Behavior

Normally, when I open my Beats case and pull one of the earbuds out, it automatically connects to my phone and sound starts playing from the ear buds. After listening for a while, if I put one earbud back in the case, the audio pauses and they are disconnected.

Current Behavior

When I pull an earbud out of the case, it does not connect to my phone right away. What seems to work right now is that I have to pull out both earbuds, press/hold the button to activate ANC and then go into my Bluetooth settings and connection to Beats Studio Buds, which displays as "Not Connected". After waiting a little while, it eventually connects and audio is playable. Once I put my earbuds back in the case, I have to repeat this process to listen again.

If my earbuds are in the case, and my phone is on, when I open the case near my phone, a popup opens showing the buds/case with their battery percentages, similar to what you might see when a new pair of earbuds are brought near a phone.

What I have tried

I removed the Beats from the Bluetooth menu with the "Forget" option. I then did a reset as described on Apple's Support Page. I then tried to pair it up again as a new device. My phone asked if I wanted to connect and all I got was a red exclamation point, indicating some unknown error.

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I do not own a pair of Beats Studio Buds, but IF the Bluetooth settings are similar (which they seem to be) to those of the AirPods, you may want to have a look at Bluetooth settings.

When your Beats are connected, go to the Bluetooth Preference Pane and click on the i next to the device name. Look for Connect to this iPhone and check to see if it is set to Automatically.

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