Docker desktop is about to become a paid service for larger businesses on January 31st, 2022. On Apple Silicon / M1 chips previous solutions (usually relying on VirtualBox) to run the docker daemon using the cli only such as those in How do I start the docker daemon on macOS? do not work.

What's the best option for those of us whose companies don't want to fork out the subscription fee?

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I managed to avoid the problem by switching to podman and adding

alias docker=podman

to my .bashrc. Check out this answer here.

There also seems to be a compose solution.

Building and running container works like a charm. I can keep on using my old Dockerfiles. Also pulling from official and private Container Registries is no problem.

Mounting local folders as volumes seems to be a bit troublesome but is actively worked on.

  • Thank you, the mount problems are causing quite a few headaches, but this does seem to be the best solution so far.
    – Zhenhir
    Feb 8 at 5:20

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