This issue happens for all macOS 10.x. For Chinese input methods like Sucheng, it has a feature that can "Adjust word frequency" according to the frequency of usage of each word.

When I disabled the "Adjust word frequency", the word order remains the same, but no longer changes according to the frequency of usage.

How can I reset the word usage count to zero? I tried to remove and re-add the input method, the word frequency remains the same.


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To solve the problem, I finally tracked down the dictionary which controls the frequency of words:


Remove this file as well as the yue_Hant-dynamic.lm folder, and then log out & re-login. The frequency will be reset.

Alternatively, as this file is a SQLite DB file, you can use DB editor to reset the count in the database. There is only 1 table Assist in the file, which contains Identifier, LastSeedValue, LastUpdateTime and Version.

Note: you can substitute the Sucheng for other Chinese input method names.

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