I used to have a few "Desktop Apps" for Gmail created as shortcuts, following these steps:

⠇(top right) > More tools > Create Shortcut > Open as Window

I'd then have one app per Gmail account. It worked perfectly. Now, it's no longer possible. If you create one Gmail app per account using the above steps, a single Desktop Gmail app is created, with the various accounts "nested" as windows. This is incredibly bad as you can't use the standard Cmd+Tab to switch between windows and, more importantly, every time you close the app, you have to manually re-add ALL the accounts to that single Gmail app.

How can we go back to the previous behavior? Any workaround? I'm on Mac and tried to edit the info.plist files unsuccessfully.


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I recently ran into this problem as well. I couldn't find anything that worked so instead I used another browser (I used Microsoft edge) to do the same thing instead of Chrome. Follow this link https://www.maketecheasier.com/access-gmail-on-your-desktop/

It'll run through how to do it with Microsoft edge. I reckon as the other browser doesn't have multiple log ins the app doesn't automatically switch to the default account.

Hope that helps

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