Like 2 weeks ago my macbook air 11-inch(Mid 2011) (yes,old) suddenly shutdown,but then it started up normal. The error code was -79,that means "incorrect value coming from battery". My battery is charing normaly. Cycles are also normal. It also says,that the condition is good. It's also been 2 weeks and no problems (expect -60 error,but i didn`t saw how did it shutdown and it is also my previous question).

Intel core i7 1,8 ghz


4gb DDR3 1333 mhz

Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 mb

MacOS Sierra(10.12.6)

There is a picture,who needs:

enter image description here

So,can it be one-time problem?Like,there is no sympthomes.

  • It could be a one time glitch. Or it could be a harbinger of the future. EG there may be a battery replacement in your future. I would keep an eye on the battery health with something like Coconut Battery. You don't say which year/model it is but batteries don't last forever... Commented Jan 21, 2022 at 11:27
  • Sorry,it's old Mac,model is 11-inch(Mid 2011) Commented Jan 21, 2022 at 14:52

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I would keep a safe backup and carry on. Hardware problems rarely get better and if you use this computer as a tool to make money, it’s usually easy to weigh repair cost vs replace cost based on your hourly rate and if you already have a spare ready.

If this isn’t a work machine, you can wait for more data on how often the system shuts itself off and the pattern or frequency will dictate when you take action.

Three shutdowns in a day three weeks ago seems like a loose cable, but you have the perfect command to search back over different time spans and keep track of things. Excellent work on parsing log files

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