The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID requires Macbooks with Apple Silicon to exploit the Touch ID feature but does the keyboard work like a normal keyboard with an T2 chip Macbook? The idea is to buy it to use with an Intel Macbook and future proof it in case I purchase an Apple Silicon mac in the future.

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Does the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID work like a regular keyboard with T2 chip Macbooks?


The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID would work with an Intel Mac just like a regular Magic Keyboard. The Touch ID authentication functionality would remain unavailable on unsupported Macs.

You may need a recent version of macOS installed for the keyboard to be recognised and usable with your Intel Mac.


The magic keyboard needs at least 11.3 (Big Sur). You have to configure the keyboard in Preferences and decide, whether you will use Function Keys directly or with fn-key.

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