My Macbook Pro is completely full and after hours of searching for what files might cause this I came across the "Other Volumes in Container" category that's taking up a massive amount of my drive (162.75GB of the 256GB hard drive).

This computer was originally my dad's. I wiped the computer clean and configured it from scratch (didn't restore from an iCloud backup). Could this be leftover from his old files in some way?

How can I clean this out? What is included in this? It's crazy because I really don't have that much on this computer.

2017 MacBook Pro 13" currently on Big Sur trying to upgrade to Monterey but not enough storage space.

Screenshot of Other Volumes in Container

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    "Other Volumes In Container" is "Macintosh HD - Data", among others. Jan 12, 2022 at 0:00

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I figured this out..

Apparently when I wiped the computer to start from scratch for some reason it kept all 150gb of my dad's files on it. I simply erased the disk that had the 150gb on it in the Disk Utility and I now have a glorious amount of space remaining.


So, just for your knowledge - the way that APFS (Apple File System, how your drive is likely formatted) is that it is considered a 'container' of other drive partitions - or as they're called, volumes.

The way that I generally wipe a Mac (and how I would recommend you do so in future) is to completely delete the container in Disk Utility of the installer application which I burn to a USB. Create the container again, your drive will be completely clean.

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