I was trying to extract pages from a PDF as an image (Instead of taking screenshots because I was a bit lazy and it was a long pdf ~50 pages) { //Because that's what Power Users do? ^_^ } when I stumbled upon these 2 functions that seemed to perform the same purpose of extracting each page of a PDF (which they shouldn't???)

Upon looking the info of the functions, I noticed that the Get Images function is supposed to extract images from the pdf but it rather just gives the entire page in an image format.

Thing not taken into consideration :

The sample PDFs taken were image file conversions, i.e., the type of pdf was image type and not the text/image/icons type of pdf. So that's why the Get Image function was outputting entire page and not just images.

This might be true too, because upon trying it out with a webpage it gives only images.

Which might explain why Get Image was giving the entire page and not just the images.

Get Image

Get Info

Now, the Make Function here says that it is "Creating" images of the entire pages of the PDF, with options to set the Output Format of the Image and DPI (How Good is that!!).

Make Image

Make Info

This brings up a few Questions:

  1. How do these functions work, ideally, if the Get Function just grabs/extracts/imports/(copy pastes?) the image provided and gives as an output, then the Make Function scans/takes a screenshots/grabs/extracts/imports and enhances the quality and converts to desired format?

  2. Assuming that the PDFs are Image type PDFs, then Make Function should be the better option as I get the option to choose the File Type and DPI Settings? (As Get Image just gives PNG as output)

  • It's possible that they aren't really different at all, but just allow for flexibility of input and provide shortcuts with easily identified capabilities.
    – benwiggy
    Jan 10 at 14:29


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