Is it possible to edit PDF files, (for example,) with OneNote on my iPad and then those edited files are automatically updated also on my OneDrive? With edit, I mostly mean making notes with the Apple Pencil. I know, you can also edit files straight up in the OneDrive (iOS) App, but the features there are very minimal. I am trying to edit the with OneNote and the changes I make should be automatically updated also on OneDrive. If it is not possible to do it with OneNote, is there another way?

I know that it does not work with Good Notes or Notability, because you would have to export the edited file again - which leads to extra work, especially when you have a lot of folders and files.

I already found one app, which is Adobe Acrobat for the iPad. But unfortunately, there are not many features to make notes with the Apple Pencil.

I hope this topic suits to this site - it is very hard to find a proper site for this topic.


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