Since Monterey it is possible to finish copying at a later point of time.

I want to remove this flag because I have already transmitted it manually with rsync. I checked what attributes the folder set, but removing those didn't help.

Does anyone know how to reset Finder's view?

I tried following with no luck:

$ xattr my_folder

$ xattr -rc my_folder
  • Thanks for this - I was banging my head trying to find any articles about this as I'd aborted a large copy job... I saw there were extended attributes and was able to clear them but did not make the "connection" to adjust the date/time of the file(s). I guess that tweaks the archive bit(s) or something so APFS sheds the "resume copy" attribute or something? NICE. Nov 22 at 22:40

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Came across the same problem. After cleaning the kMDItemResumableCopy metadata with xattr -rc, the folder became greyed out and couldn't be opened with Finder (Terminal was still fine).

I followed the steps mentioned here and set the folder's creation date manually which fixed the problem.

$ xattr -rc my_folder

$ SetFile -d '12/31/1999 23:59:59' my_folder

When you have originally started a with a resumable copy via finder on MacOS and then realise you'd prefer a faster rsync method, you can be left with the resumable copy ghost folder, making the rsync'd data inaccessible from finder.

Just use this function either in a script or define at the commandline to resolve the issue:

function fixFolder {
  mod_date=$(stat -f "%Sm" "$file")
  xattr -drs com.apple.metadata:kMDItemResumableCopy $file
  SetFile -d "$mod_date" "$file"

then just do:

$ fixFolder myBrokenFolder

This will only update the create date to make it accessible and remove the resumable copy flag. Both steps are needed.

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