I have a large widescreen monitor plugged into my Macbook which is running Lion. Since upgrading to Lion I've noticed that I can't resume from standby if my other monitor was plugged in when I closed the lid.

Everything works great - I close the lid and the computer enters standby like it is supposed to. Then when I open the screen the next morning, it just comes up with a lit, but dark screen. At this point, the only thing that seems to work is a hard reboot. I've tried unplugging the other monitor but that doesn't change it.

It is important to note that this does not happen if the monitor was not plugged in when the computer screen was closed. Also if I chose Sleep from the Apple menu, everything works great.

Any ideas how to fix this?



Long delay on this answer, but since there were no other ideas, I'll answer with what I've done.

I simple unplug the monitor every night before putting the computer to sleep. Not anything fancy or technical, but it works for me.

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