I have an admin account where i tend to install apps and make them accessible to all users of the same macOS monterey v12.1

I want to do demo videos on a blank slate user account that has its own apps. It should not have access to the installed apps that I install using the admin account.

For e.g. i install Docker in admin account already. When I create a new standard account called demo_user I do not want it to access the same Docker app. In fact I like to install Docker in its own account separately.

I prefer i can still install Docker in demo_user without conflicting with the already installed version.

Because i want to do (and redo) demo videos from time to time, i need to restore the demo_user account back to its original blank slate mode from time to time as well.

What I have tried

I created a standard account called demo_user but then i realize it still has access to the already installed apps that were installed by the admin account.

Possible ideas

I'm thinking of creating a partition but that would mean two sets of the same OS.


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    I think it would be very difficult to create and maintain a user that specifically does not have access to globally installed software, instead you'd probably want to install said software locally on your admin-account and not have it globally accessible. Dec 26, 2021 at 16:59


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