No, my question is not a duplicate of "Is fine volume adjustment possible in macOS?". Fine volume adjustments are working in macOS Monterey, just not for any Bluetooth devices. Edit: my question might be related to "Disable absolute volume in bluetooth audio"...

Steps to reproduce:

  • get a Mac running macOS Monterey
  • connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones
  • open any application and start playing audio
  • perform a "fine-grain" volume adjustment up or down by pressing ++volume key (this will make the system volume go up or down by 1/4 of a full "notch" in the volume bar)

Expected result:

  • the Bluetooth device's volume increases or decreases by 1/4 of one "notch" in the volume bar

Actual result:

  • the volume stays exactly the same until you've performed four consecutive "fine-grain" adjustments (equalling one "notch"), at which point the volume jumps by one full "notch"

Really hoping that there's a fix for this, because volume "6" on my Bluetooth headphones is too quiet, whereas "7" is too loud.


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