Recently I have observed the Podcasts app opening unexpectedly on my mac, roughly once a month but with no pattern I've been able to identify. This interrupts me from doing what I actually want to do, so I want to prevent the app from opening. As I do all my podcast listening through my phone, I would be happy to delete the app from my mac, though this appears to not be possible — there no "Move to Bin" option in the contextual menu for most of the pre-installed Apple apps, and the File > Delete Immediately menu item is disabled.

Given my goal is to stop being interrupted, any suggestions why might the app be opening without any apparent action on my part, or how can I delete the app from my mac?

  • Preferences > Users & Groups > (me) > Login items is empty
  • Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts does not list any keyboard shortcuts associated with Podcasts.app
  • MacOS 11.6 (20G165)
  • Podcast.app 1.1.0 (1575.1.2)

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Screen time lets you block apps. I would add it there first and then see if your media play F8 keyboard triggers the app.

Also watch the dock for continuity. If you’re listening on another device the Mac may be too helpful in wanting to carry on what your other device started. I use overcast on my devices so I don’t get this specific handoff.

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