I have read several places, that iOS 5.1 is supposed to contain an updated version of the camera app that has a face detection feature.

I have updated my iPhone 4S to 5.1, but can't find any such feature.

Am I missing something, or are the rumors/mentions of the face detection false?


The rumors aren't false, but perhaps misleading. Unlike face detection in, say, iPhoto, this isn't about actually associating a face with a contact you already have (through similar photos), but rather about helping the camera focus on what you'll likely want to have in focus (namely, faces). Here's Apple's marketing text on it:

This camera loves a face.

With new face detection, the iSight camera is smart enough to know whether you’re taking a portrait or a group shot. It focuses on the most prominent face in the frame and balances exposure across up to 10 faces. So you’ll definitely catch smiles. And maybe even a smirk or two.

You'll know face detection is working from the green rectangle that appears.

New to 5.1 is that more than one such green "detected face rectangle" may show up:

Camera face detection now highlights all detected faces

  • Does the iPhone 4 have this feature too or it's 4s only? – Davide Gualano Mar 11 '12 at 19:19
  • 1
    The feature appears to be 4S-specific, presumably relying on its new image processor. – Sören Kuklau Mar 11 '12 at 21:14

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