I just discovered the "Time of Day" personal automations, and they are great. The only problem is that sometimes I'd like the automation to not be triggered recurrently. For example, when scheduling the sending of a WhatsApp text.

In the "REPEAT" section I am asked to choose between "Daily", "Weekly" and "Monthly":

Personal Automation "REPEAT" section

Is there a way to create non-repeating "Time of Day" automations?

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Figured out how to do this.

For example, you’re going on vacation and when you come back on 4/11 you want your 730, 8, and 815am alarms to automatically be turned back on. So you want the automation to run on 4/10 12pm.

Create a personal automation, set repeat to whatever, and immediately add an “If” condition where it says If current date is after 4/10/24 1230pm [sometime soon after the time you want the automation to run], stop shortcut. Otherwise, set alarms to on [whatever you want the one-time automation to do].

This way the automation will run only before the specified date/time. If after that, it stops running. You still would have to go back and eventually delete the automation though.


I don’t think there is a way with the shortcuts app, you have to use a third party app if you want that feature which makes absolutely no sense to me. It’s not like it’s something that would be hard to program, especially if you have the repeat time frames available. This was asked over a year ago and they still haven’t made any updates to the app :/

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