Is it possible at all to change my system font (Big Sur) so that file names of the same length are actually the same length regardless of their text content?

I think what I want is a monospaced font, but there may be a better word?

Here is an image of what I'd like to resolve illustrated with files that are all named the same length, but with different dates. I guess to my eye, it just looks ugly!

mis-aligned filenames

What is this default font? It's really infuriating! 😠.

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Apple does not readily provide mechanisms for customizing the system fonts. MacOS uses a font called San Francisco, specifically designed by Apple for the user interface.

You can however use the Terminal, which uses a mono-spaced font, to list a directory's contents, when you want to see things lined up.

  • urgh, thanks for the clarification - it is quite grating to my eyes 😢
    – m1nkeh
    Dec 3, 2021 at 12:59

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