I have a footnote in a Pages document that I want to span across multiple pages. I essentially want the footnote to continue in the footnote margin on the next page, or possibly take up a whole page itself (it's a very large footnote).

What I want to do is essentially similar to this: http://blog.vlbteched.com/creating-footnote-continuation-notice/

However, I'm not even sure how to create a continuation notice for the footnote like you can do in Microsoft Word.

Here are some other examples of essentially what I want to do:

I simply see no way to span a footnote across more than one page in my Pages document. When I reach the limit for the footnote on the current page, all the text I type afterwards seems to simply go "underneath" the bottom of the page, into some invisible "void". How can I make it so that the rest of the footnote can actually be visible on the next page(s) in the document?

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I managed to find a hacky workaround for this problem. I found out that you can "piggyback" on another footnote on the next page by inserting whitespace above the footnote number. Then, you can type a number above it and make the number superscript and write something like:

20 (footnote cont'd) footnote from previous page continues here... (this isn't an actual footnote, just some text which I changed the font for, and inserted above the below footnote)

21 new footnote begins here (this is an actual footnote which is linked to some text on the page)

This won't work for pages where there's not already a footnote there, but it worked in my case. Also, you'll still run into the problem of footnotes having a maximum length on a given page, but I was lucky enough to have two footnotes in short succession, so it was able to run across two pages, leaving only a single line at the bottom for the real footnote on the second page.

Again, this was not ideal, but it was a hacky workaround that happened to work for my situation.

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