After updating to macOS Monterey my macbook pro (13-inch, 2017) started running slow.

When looking at the software->Applications in System information I seen application name "Automator Application Stub" with Unknown "obtained from" attribute.

When I navigate to it "/system/library/coreservices/" and try to open it I get a message saying "the document automator application stub.app could not be opened because it is damaged or incomplete."

This seems suspicious because there is already an Automator application on the machine. Also, I'm not able to delete it.

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It is the system application that runs Automator applications (which have an Automator Application Stub executable in the bundle).

That application doesn't appear to be code-signed, which might be Apple's way of not letting you run it. The system partition is also read-only, so you can't alter anything in it.

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