Terminal is rendering 0x209A (a subscript "p") in a nice way when I use cat to look a file that contains that character. Terminal has been configured to use Inconsolata as its default font, but I'm fairly confident Inconsolata doesn't have that code-point specifically. Indeed, if I use the "Show emoji & symbols" dropdown, the Unicode table doesn't list a font for that code-point at all. But still, Terminal is doing a good job of showing me the character, and the tabular presentation in the dropdown does show it as well. How do I find out what font is being used?

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Copy/paste it into TextEdit & see what font it switches to, or type 209A into the search box in the Emoji & Symbols viewer & use that to enter the character.

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Deja Vu is a common unicode replacement, as it a very comprehensive font.

  • In my case, the verdict was System Font. Nov 29, 2021 at 22:35

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