Context for this: my dots got stuck. I had just finished a Discord call, but the dot stayed on all night with Control Center reporting that Discord was using my microphone. I had quit Discord, the app was not running, so there is no way it could still have been using my mic... right?

I know I could restart my computer, but that's a hassle and I'd rather just quit the relevant system process instead. Besides, if there is an app hanging onto my mic from beyond the process grave, a reboot wouldn't help me to find which app is doing it.

Which program do I kill to reset these dots to make sure Discord (or anyone else) isn't actually using my microphone?

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On a hunch, I opened Activity Monitor and found Control Center. Quitting that made my status bar go weird for a second, but it quickly returned. And the dot was gone, so I must've guessed correctly.

Loads faster than a restart, and now I know that Discord wasn't actually haunting my computer all night, probably.

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