I hope I didn't miss, but I haven't found any answer for this question in the community. I only found this answer, but it describes how to do so when accessing PDF files from the file system, not via links when browsing Safari.

Can I set Safari to open PDF files in Preview by default? (instead of opening it in a new browser tab)

The closest behavior I get is when I ask to download the file, Safari is set to immediately open it in Preview. However what I would like to achieve is that instead of haveing to load it first in the browser and press on download (or alternatively having to right-click and chose "Download Linked File") I would be able to simply click on the link of the PDF and automatically open it in Preview.


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There's no mechanism for opening a link directly into Preview that I know of.

However, once the PDF is being viewed in Safari, you can open it in Preview by clicking on the third-from-left icon in the floating menu that appears when you mouse over an area at the bottom of the Safari window.

enter image description here

Some PDFs may download rather than display in the browser, but that's an issue at the server-side, rather than something you can configure at your end.

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