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iPhone data connection types

I sometimes get a "o" icon instead of the "3G" or "E" icons when I loose my connection to the network. Why?

Could this be due to a jailbreak?

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You are connected to GPRS/1xRTT since other network connection types are not available.

iOS 5.1 status icons

On GSM (All but Verizon):

  • E = EDGE
  • o = GPRS

On CDMA (Verizon):

  • 3G = EV-DO
  • E = no equivalent - not possible
  • o = 1xRTT

(iPhone User Manual on Page 12)

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It means you are using the slower GPRS connection. Probably because there's no 3G/EDGE connection or the signal strength for 3G/EDGE is very weak at your location.

Nothing to do with your jailbreaking.

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