In order to ensure an expected sound output is connected and ready to use, I formerly used Shift-VolUp/VolDown to play sound feedback (without leaving volume feedback effects always enabled).

I could do this at a moment's notice, with just the keyboard, in any app or OS context, and verify the output device and volume. This test had an added benefit of prompting the OS to complete software setup of that audio pipeline, for example complete Bluetooth audio stream setup, priming it for immediate use, that is: pre-handling the dead-air delay perceived when sound is first played over wireless audio connection.

This trick works on macOS devices other than touchbar MacBookPros (MBPs) (excepting use of external Apple keyboards as well). I'm trying to solve this issue for a touchbar MBP.

How can I prompt a short, simple test sound in any app or context?

What are easy, low/no maintenance ways to cause a sound.

I want alternatives to leaving volume feedback always on. (In System Preferences > Sound > (Sound Effects) >> Play feedback when volume is changed)


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