Before upgrading to Monterey, I could just turn notifications off and they'd be off. I'd still get notifications on my phone, which is what I want, but I wouldn't get them on my computer, which is what I want.

After upgrading, it appears I can no longer do this. My only options are to:

  1. Turn individual notifications off. This is a manual operation I have to do for every single installed app that allows notifications (100s in my case).

  2. Go into focus mode, which also puts my phone into focus mode. I have no idea how to uncouple this.

I just want to be able to silence notifications on my computer, but keep them on my phone. This seems like a simple thing to do, but it appears Apple has eliminated this workflow. Has only been able to achieve this after upgrading to Monterey?

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You can un-check the "Share Focus State" option in the "Notifications & Focus" preference panel to prevent your phone from going into focus mode. Note: I also find it helpful to turn on focus between 5am and 4:59am, so it's effectively always turned on:

notifications & focus preferences

Unfortunately this does not disable all notifications, though. Bluetooth connection notifications still get through, and I've noticed a couple others. Finding a more complete fix would be very nice.

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    Yeah, I genuinely do not understand why Apple wouldn't include a way to silence all notifications. I've done as you suggested, but many notifications still persist, even those that I've "fixed". For example, every single day I get 3-10 notifications to renter a password for my Google account attached to my iCloud Internet Accounts. Every day I enter my password multiple times per day, but the notifications continue. I will have to look into reverting my OS at this point.
    – Ryan Rich
    Nov 16, 2021 at 22:59

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