A friend handed me their iMac from 2010 over. The latest version of macOS it is supporting is Yosemite. I'm trying to reinstall the Mac from scratch but until now without success. Now I'm looking for other options. Here's what I have tried:

  • Boot with OPTION+R and try to reinstall. I'm asked to sign in to App Store and eventually get the error message that the requested item is currently unavailable.
  • Boot with OPTION+CMD+R and try to do an internet installation. I see a spinning globe and a progress bar and a clock icon showing "24:00". It's been sitting there for a couple of hours.
  • Create a bootable USB stick. I downloaded the Yosemite installer but it is a DMG file. To create a bootable stick, I need the .APP file. I cannot get that app file because the DMG/PKG cannot be installed on my Mac (Apple Silicon).
  • I am currently downloading a Yosemite.app file from Archive.org - hoping that this will help me but it's taking days to download.

All advice is welcome. Maybe someone has a ready-to-download version of Yosemite (or earlier!)?



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