I've got two MBPs and a pair of bluetooth headphones that can only be connected to two devices at once.

I need to use this pair on both MBPs and my phone but only on one MBP at a time (usually, I can manually disconnect them from my phone in the rare event that I need to use them on both at the same time).
Additionally, the headphones are buggy/crappy and play an annoying ringing noise when they lose connection to a device AFAICT. I want to avoid this at all costs.
When I walk away from an MBP, I close its lid. I would then like it to automatically disconnect any bluetooth audio device its connected to.

I wouldn't mind having to connect to the headphones manually on the MBP I want to use them on but disconnecting manually is a no-go.

This thread is a duplicate but for an older macOS version (none of the solutions work in Big Sur).

I'm aware that you could toggle bluetooth off completely but that's the nuclear "solution".


You could use Automator / Apple Script to unpair this bluetooth device when the Mac goes to sleep.

Here are two links from previous answer of this forum that could help you get started:

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