Someone who's member of our iCloud family was in a funny mood and played with us by notifying some of our devices using the Play Sound feature in Find My app.

An email is sent telling that an alert has sounded on the device with hour and date but containing no other detail — so we wonder out of curiosity if we could find some sort of logs listing who could have triggered those alerts ?

I can't find any information for this precise case, it always falls on iCloud accounts help or Find My features (We found out who it was after few minutes but couldn't tell at the time of the alerts ringing).

  • Just to mention, I don't really except an answer other than "No, we can't", that's pure curiosity.
    – tama
    Oct 24, 2021 at 22:09

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I have an iCloud Family plan setup. Most of the devices are associated with my account, except for the kids and wife who all have their own iPhone or iPad. As a test, I just signed into my kids iCloud account. I was able to "Find My" iPhone that's next to me from my kid's account. So I guess there isn't a real way to see who did it, as nothing really told me which account sent the request.

If you think it's a child that is doing it, remove the app from their device, or use a configuration file to restrict the app from the device.

Good luck!

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