Many times I am able to read the Purpose and Description for each macOS process by simply execute the man command. Example man rapportd or man WiFiAgent etc. etc.

But other times, the man command does not have any entry for other macOS processes. Example man loginwind or man PowerChime or etc. etc.

Does Apple has an official website with a simple search query criteria where I can find the Purpose and Description for each macOS processes?

I am just interesting in the Purpose and Description of what a specific macOS process does.

Thank you

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No, there is less documentation online than ships with the OS.

Many but not all parts of the software is open sourced:

More of the manual pages used to be published, but Apple’s efforts seemed geared to focus on developer documentation and user guides over manual pages and process lists.

There are excellent books however to fill the first party gap:

First party training is also available:

  • bmike is correct. However, a web search for MacOS loginwind might give you a lot of information.
    – WGroleau
    Oct 20, 2021 at 19:29

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