I was looking at my wifi logs (i have wifi logging enable)

from time to time i have something like this :

Tue Dec 15 13:21:12.857 Driver Event: <airport[175]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: APPLE80211_M_ROAM_START (en0)
Tue Dec 15 13:21:12.857 Info: <airport[175]> Roaming started on interface en0
Tue Dec 15 13:21:12.857 Info: <airport[175]> PRIORITY LOCK ADDED [client=airportd, type=4, interface=en0, priority=5]
Tue Dec 15 13:21:12.859 Info: <airport[175]> -[CWXPCInterfaceContext setAWDLOperatingMode:interface:error:]: attempting to set AWDL mode to 2
Tue Dec 15 13:21:12.859 Info: <airport[175]> SUSPEND AWDL for interface en0, timeout=10.0s, reason=Roam, token=8
Tue Dec 15 13:21:16.648 Driver Event: <airport[196]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: APPLE80211_M_ROAM_END (en0)
Tue Dec 15 13:21:16.648 Info: <airport[175]> Roaming ended on interface en0

Looking at this i would say that my macOS client is Wifi Roaming to other AP, the thing here is that i don't have other AP nor other saved networks.

Does this really means Wifi roaming or is it other type of 'roaming' ?

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