I have a hidden dylib file that is preventing notarization. The LogFileURL indicates the file is not signed and does not have a valid time stamp.

I tried to sign the file separately using the path to the dylib:

--force --verify --verbose --sign "PFish (MyID)" 

which led to a "file not found error, not surprisingly, since the file is hidden.

When I enter

codesign --verify --verbose /Users/fishbacp/Desktop/dist/My_App.app

I'm informed

/Users/fishbacp/Desktop/dist/My_App.app: valid on disk

which I also find not surprising.

Is there a way to codesign a hidden file?

  • What do you mean by "hidden"? Oct 11 at 2:18
  • The files are located within sklearn but are not shown unless I click on the sklearn folder and type command-shift-period.
    – fishbacp
    Oct 11 at 12:51
  • Is it hidden with the hidden file flag, or something else? The hidden flag shouldn't cause a "file not found" error. Oct 11 at 16:42

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