I'm trying to get an app notarized, which was written in python and converted to an .app using pyinstaller. It functions perfectly well.

When I attempted to codesign, I entered the following at the command line:

codesign -s "PaulF (TeamID)" -v --deep --timestamp --entitlements 
/Users/fishbacp/Desktop/entitlements.plist -o runtime 

entitlements.plist is apparently required since binaries were created using pyinstaller. It's contents can be viewed at https://haim.dev/posts/2020-08-08-python-macos-app/.

The message I receive states ".DS_Store files cannot be a symlink", which prevents Apple from notarizing the app.

I'm a new developer and have no idea how to interpret and resolve this message. Running Mac 11.3.1 if that helps.

  • '.DS_Store' is an index file created and used by the Finder. If it's inside the application, I don't think you want it or need it. I would find it, delete it, and sign again. Also, maybe try finding out how it got there...
    – aMike
    Oct 8 at 20:43
  • Thanks. I can't find it anywhere though.
    – fishbacp
    Oct 8 at 20:57
  • @fishbacp How are you looking - to remove .DS_Store files DO NOT use the Finder as the Finder creates them
    – mmmmmm
    Oct 9 at 9:16
  • From the Terminal: "find MyApp.app -name .DS_Store" will show the paths of any .DS_Store files inside that app directory. == Oops... I see this is already the answer.
    – aMike
    Oct 11 at 0:26

Run this command and then try the code sign a second time

find /Users/fishbacp/Desktop/dist/My_Application.app -name .DS_Store -delete

Note - doing this next part will create new .DS_Store files and require a second delete pass described above. Like all files starting with a period, this one is hidden by default in Finder. This shortcut toggles the preference to show hidden files in Finder. Command - Shift - period

  • That actually did it! Received an error message from Apple after the .zip was uploaded, but I'll look at the log file and see if I can get that straightened out. Thank you so much!
    – fishbacp
    Oct 8 at 22:02

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