I watch YouTube videos on VLC media player for the convenience of avoiding ads. However, the best resolution that the VLC media player plays, even for videos that play in 4K/2160p on Safari, is 1080p. How do I get 4K/2160p format YouTube video play at the same resolution in VLC?

Currently, I use Terminal to minimize the 'clicks' I have to make to achieve the goal, like:

$> v https://www.youtube.com/watch\\?v=TnkdoEZhTbc

where, v is an alias for:

$> alias v="open -a vlc"

But, as I said, it reduces the resolution to 1080p.

I added a \ before '?' in the youtube link because zsh requires it. If skipped, zsh errs out by saying zsh: no matches found:....

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