I'm just starting to realize what macOS Photos is doing with memories. Apparently I have quite a lot of them already now!

Is there a way I can "add ALL to favorite memories" to avoid them from "going away"?

From Quick Tip: How to Save your Memories Movies in Mac Photos:

When you add a Memory to your Favorites, you preserve it and keep it from going away when Photos creates new Memories.

Right now I am double clicking each memory, then scrolling all the way to the bottom (past all the related memories) and clicking "add to favorite memories" one at a time, and looking for a save-all feature.

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You can add all memories to favorites using the following steps:

  1. Click on the Memories tab
  2. Click on an empty space in the memories panel
  3. Press Command+A to select all memories
  4. Right click on any memory
  5. Click on Add to Favourite Memories

screenshot of Photos.app with instructions for adding all memories to favorites

Here's a video demo: https://files.alinpanaitiu.com/add-all-memories-to-favorites.mp4


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