I previously enabled 2FA for my Apple ID and disabled it within the two-week window. If I re-enable it, will I get another two weeks to disable it?

The reason I'm asking is that I want to enable Messages in iCloud to sync some messages between devices, but when that's finished I want to disable Messages in iCloud and download the synced set of messages to each device. Then I want to turn 2FA off again.

Here is my other related question about passcodes and 2FA:

Does Apple ID two-factor authentication force iOS device passcode / touch ID / face ID?

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I upgraded my apple ID to 2FA. There is no option to disable it on appleid.apple.com. Initially it was upgraded to two-step verification because I did not have a passcode enabled. There was the option to disable two-step verification. However, once I enabled a passcode and upgraded to 2FA, there was no longer an option to disable 2FA.

In the end I'm okay with this outcome because despite being stuck with 2FA, I still don't have to keep a passcode enabled, which was my primary concern.

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