I have a Mac Mini setup with Apple Server and Apple Remote Desktop to push profiles and remotely manage other Mac devices on the local network.

I want to give another department access to the Mac Mini Server, so I have created a separate administrative local user account. However, when I open Apple RD on that account, it's empty - no devices or containers.

Is there a way to share the Apple RD config between local users?

Main Admin User Account, Apple RD fully configured
Main Server user account, Apple RDP fully configured

Other department's Admin User Account, Apple RD with no configuration
Other department's user account, Apple RD with no configuration

  • What version of Apple Remote Desktop and macOS are on your “jump server”?
    – bmike
    2 days ago
  • Are you referring to Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) or "(Microsoft) Remote Desktop Protocol" or RDP. There is no product by Apple called "Apple RDP." Your screen shots seem to indicate ARD. 2 days ago
  • Apple Remote Desktop as tagged - sorry I frequently switch between both. I'm running ARD 3.9.4 and MacOS Big Sur 11.5.2
    – felpsey

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