I've got a Mac mini (Intel) that runs vSphere and I want to set auto startup on power on. Based on what I read here I created a macOS bootable USB installer and booted from it. Then from Terminal I run:

pmset autorestart 1

After this... if I run pmset -g | grep autorestart it shows autorestart 1.

If I reboot back to the USB installer or into vSphere and pull the plug and re-attach power there is no auto power on. Booting back to the USB installer and going to Terminal:

pmset -g | grep autorestart
autorestart 0

So the setting was not saved I presume. Or was somehow reset.

I've also tried pmset -a autorestart 1 and that also did not work.

Someone suggested pmset -a autorestart 1 force but force is not recognized.

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