I just updated my system to 11.5.2 (20G95).

After the reboot, suddenly, using Terminal, I can not access my personal Documents Folder anymore.

I am able to cd into my Documents Folder but I am not able to ls. I am receiving an Operation not permitted warning message when I try for example to ls.

my_username@my_computername Documents % ls
ls: .: Operation not permitted

Using the Terminal App, I can access without any issue other personal Folders such as Desktop, Downloads, etc. but the issue is with my Documents folder.

I can access without any issue using the Finder Application but the problem is with the Terminal Application that I can not access the Documents Folder.

drwx------@  5 my_username  staff   160B Aug 31 17:21 Desktop
drwx------@ 17 my_username  staff   544B Sep  1 13:29 Documents
drwx------+  4 my_username  staff   128B Aug 28 06:46 Downloads

Everything was working fine before I updated the system.

What should I do? Thanks

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You may need to grant Terminal permission to access Documents in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Files and Folders. Alternatively, you can give Terminal Full Disk Access in the same pref pane.

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    Thank you so much. I have no idea why it was deselected but I did what you said and now it is fixed. Thanks a lot
    – Fabio
    Commented Sep 1, 2021 at 20:27

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