After upgrading XCode to latest version 12.5.1 , checked folder


this doesn't show any simulator even when XCode is showing default simulators installed with latest version of iOS

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The default simulator runtimes are shipping inside of Xcode.app. Xcode will install additional runtimes to /Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Runtimes.

  • can you please specify path to check default simulator ?
    – vikramvi
    Aug 30, 2021 at 11:36

According to the Apple Developer article Installing and managing Simulator runtimes for Xcode 14:

Manage the amount of storage that Xcode requires by choosing Xcode > Preferences > Platforms to view the currently installed Simulator runtimes, and removing any that you don’t need.

Emphasis and italics mine

Here's the aforementioned Platforms page in Xcode 14's Preferences:

Screenshot taken on macOS Ventura of Xcode 14 preferences in the Platforms tab

On Xcode 12 and 13, it is located in Xcode > Preferences > Components:

Screenshot of Xcode 12 and 13 preferences in the Components tab (showing the currently installed simulator runtimes) from https://stackoverflow.com/a/68966581

You can do this easily in the Xcode preferences, no need to use Finder.

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