I have an iPhone 7 Plus, which has been reset to the factory defaults. After that, I normally went through the onboarding process, configured everything and set up screen passcode. After initialization had completed, I wanted to unlock the phone with the passcode but it kept saying the passcode was invalid, even though I'm 100% it was correct. Therefore, my phone got blocked and so I wanted to connect it to iTunes and restore it. iTunes downloaded the latest OS update (iPhone_5.5_P3_14.7.1_18G82_Restore.ipsw) but when trying to install it shows an error saying

enter image description here

Any ideas? I'm using MacOS Mojave

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    Aug 27, 2021 at 18:11

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I eventually fixed it by downloading AnyFix. It's quite sad that you cannot resolve it with the official iTunes software and must pay for 3rd party services but on the other hand big kudos to iMobie.

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