I have a old Macbook 4,1 currently running Lion. I tried to install Yosemite by creating a bootable USB (the process and the bootable USB is fine).
If I hold Opt ⌥ and plug in the USB when starting the Mac it shows me a white screen not the choose menu for startup disk and if I do the same after loading the startup disk menu the USB is not shown there.
I tried the same USB in my Macbook Pro 2019 and it's working fine.

I tried all the fixes like Opt ⌥ Cmd ⌘ P R but nothing worked.

Any help would be appreciated.

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The last supported OS for the Macbook 4,1 is Lion, 10.7.5
See EveryMac

Additionally, Macs from before 2009 are quite difficult to persuade to boot from USB, they really want a CD/DVD - though in this case that point is moot.

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