I've reindexed internal and external drives multiple times. I'm trying to use a directory print software to print my media collection but it relies on Spotlight for all data that would be very useful, (like codecs, resolution etc,) and would save me a lot of time checking it through vlc. Spotlight always shows as n/a, if I do get info command on the file it doesn't show codecs either.

I've done the Settings -> Spotlight -> Privacy add and remove and cli command to rebuild.

Does spotlight not cover mkv and mp4 file information? I've noticed it gets mp3 information.

Do I need to adjust something or use an external add-on to Spotlight?

In the picture it says it has 1292 metadata but doesn't show any.


edit: correction, it grabbed info from about 1/10 files both in the directory program and get info, no rhyme or reason why it picked up those files though.


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