I don't know the exact wording for this. But basically my external monitor is too big for a certain game. Now I want the visible screen area to be smaller so that the game doesn't fill out the whole monitor. I want it smaller with a black border. Is that possible? Thank you!

  • I think you are referring to "overscan" which is often used to scale smaller content on a TV to fill the screen. Some monitors/TVs have a menu setting to turn overscan on and off. Aug 4 at 18:41
  • Are you sue the game doesn't have some resolution settings in its options?
    – benwiggy
    Sep 4 at 10:32

If the Mac recognises it as a 'TV' it will have an Underscan slider in the Displays control panel; otherwise, you'll need to find the control on the display itself.

enter image description here

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